Cheney School

Cheney School

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Head of MFL, EAL and Classics Faculty - Miss S Reynes -

Cheney’s international focus attracts a large number of students who are bilingual, and whilst many do not require help with their additional language, many are supported by the EAL department. Bilingual students come to Cheney from a diverse range of backgrounds, including those whose parents are working and studying at Oxford University as well as those who are from the local ethnic minority community or may have recently settled in the UK.

It is school policy to ensure that bilingual students have equal opportunity in accessing the curriculum – staff in the department are committed to raising the achievement of bilingual students. The school ensures that level of language is not mistaken for level of ability and the EAL department liaises with other departments to ensure students are placed in the appropriate sets.

School communications to parents can be translated into many languages by our bilingual staff, and interpreters are available when required.
The ability to speak languages is highly valued at Cheney School and bilingual students benefit from Cheney’s unique EAL support. Furthermore the international aspect of the school community makes it an exciting environment for all students.