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Cheney School

Head Girl and Head Boy Welcome

WELCOME TO CHENEY SCHOOL SIXTH FORM from the Student leadership team

Magnus- Head Boy:

Working as a part of the student leadership team has always been an ambition of mine, and having been a senior prefect in Year 12, moving to the higher role felt like the appropriate next step. I strongly believe in the participation of students with the school system in a way that allows our voice to be heard, appreciated and taken into consideration in decisions regarding what is ultimately our education. The Head-Boy role to me means being the role model for this active approach. I work to be a representative for the student population and to voice the individual student’s concerns and thoughts. This means being the communicative link between the senior leadership team and the students, which takes work, but I feel that I am able to understand this responsibility. I’ve always liked to be involved with things, and feel uncomfortable being out-of-the-loop, which I think many students feel in regards to their education. Therefore, I strive to better myself as a leader and help unify the school community through my engagement to make sure everyone gets involved with learning.

Aisha- Head Girl:

I was really keen to get involved with the Student Leadership team, as I’m passionate about creating a positive learning environment for everyone. I believe that all student should have a way to effectively communicate their ideas and concerns - it strengthens the student body, ultimately helping us to develop as a school. This will be one of my main ambitions as Head Girl. I am also really excited about the changes that have been made to the prefect system this year; students from every year group are now able to get directly involved, taking responsibility for a certain stream, such as Teaching and Learning. I hope that this will contribute to the integration of students among different year groups, which I feel has been lacking in recent years. By extending the student voice team, every student will have a way to communicate any concerns they have. This will create an effective support network for students, giving them access to any help they need to achieve their full potential.  I hope that this will develop throughout the rest of the year, as we find new ways to develop this sense of integration and student support methods.

Magnus and Aisha, pictured here with Erin, Deputy Head Girl and Asam, Deputy Head Boy

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