Cheney School

Cheney School

High Standards

Cheney School staff have high expectations of themselves: we aim to be ‘best in class’ to offer our students the very best in teaching and learning, excellence in extra-curricular activities and provide a myriad of opportunities for our students to excel, both academically and personally.

We also have high expectations of our students. We believe that all the young people who attend Cheney have the potential to achieve greatness. For this reason we have the highest expectations of student behaviour, presentation and attitude to learning. We ask that students always show respect to teaching staff, support staff and their peers.

We expect all our students to wear their uniform proudly, to respect the school site and to behave considerately and appropriately at all times – whether that be in school, on school trips or on the journey to and from school. We speak daily to students about our expectations so that they understand what they are and, crucially, why they are important.

Our goal is that Cheney students come to have these expectations of themselves and can articulate their importance. We know that students who do this will live up to our motto: ‘Think for yourself and act for others.’

We have recently revised the presentation of our Respect for Learning information chart. School rules have not changed, but we are keen to make sure that all parents and students are able to see and understand what our rules are, and why. In particular, we want everyone to know very clearly that we expect students to learn from mistakes, and change their behaviour.  The chart is attached at the bottom of this page.  The Respect for Learning school policy is available to read on our policies page.

The 5 Rs at Cheney School

Be respectful, responsible, resourceful, resilient, reflective

At Cheney we work hard to create a student culture of positive values. We do this by talking to students about the core purpose of their school. It is not there just to help them acquire qualifications. It is also there to prepare them to reach their potential as good citizens, good employees and good parents. Our students know that the soft skills, like how to deal with difficult people and how to cope with failure, are important. They understand that the little things punctuality, good manners, dress, the way they address others - are valued.

Every time Cheney students receive a report, they are assessed by each of their teachers in how well they have displayed each of the five Rs: respect, responsibility, resourcefulness, resilience and being reflective.

To achieve your best, you are expected to:

Show respect
  • Create a good environment for learning: use appropriate language, keep the school clean, wear the correct uniform
  • Show that you are listening to staff and support other students as they learn
  • Take care with your presentation in your book so you are able to revise from it!
Be resourceful
  • Bring the correct equipment to lessons and use the resources in the classroom
  • Use the three Bs before teacher - use your Brain, Book or a Buddy before asking for help!
Take responsibility for your learning
  • Push yourself to complete work as carefully and thoughtfully as possible
  • Complete and hand in homework on time and revise fully for any tests
Be resilient
  • Don’t get upset about mistakes – use them as the starting point of learning
  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone – if it’s easy, you’re not learning
  • Keep trying – success is a product of hard work
Be reflective
  • Always ask yourself if this is the best work you can do.
  • If the way you are trying to learn is not working, try another way