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Cheney School

Insight 4 Schools

Insight 4 Schools is a service providing students with first step help and information on a wide range of things that you may come across in your day to day life.

Young people sometimes experience problems that can seem difficult to understand or solve. Insight has been created to give you direct and private access to information that should help you better understand and suggest ways in which you can move forward in a helpful and positive way, this is Insight’s First Step help.

To use the service you need to click here, and create a profile. Once you have created your profile you will be able to receive help via any internet connected device like a computer or smartphone. Whilst access to the insight 4 schools website is free, please be aware that if you listen to, watch or access our video links on a smartphone or over a mobile network you may have data charges to pay, this will depend on your mobile phone contract. It is recommended that you connect via public or home wi-fi as these are nearly always free.

If you need more information on how to use the service, the user guide is attached below.