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Mountain Adventure for Duke of Edinburgh Students

Mountain Adventure for Duke of Edinburgh Students

This weekend 32 of our Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award students trekked in the Brecon Beacons, working with the great team that is Adventure Beyond. They carried all the equipment up and down the peaks of the Black Mountains,  cooked their dinner in trangias and slept in tents in the freezing cold.

The students were split into two groups, camping in separate locations, only joining together on the Saturday night to cross sides of the mountain range.

Miss Barry’s group had a number of memorable events, including a lost boot and briefly lost students. 

Shakin dropped his dad’s army boot whilst making his way back to camp. He did not just drop it on the ground, but into a river, for the boot to float away and never be seen again. Luckily, Shakin was prepared for this minor disaster and had spare trainers in his bag.

The lost group was a result of tiredness and map reading mistakes. The students finally made it back to camp in the dark, after everyone else had eaten and were getting ready for bed. This getting lost is an essential part of learning how to cope whilst trekking. Penny the dog and Jet, in charge of Adventure Beyond, ran a light 8k to go and search for the group and met up with them just as they were entering the village by the campsite.

On the other side of the mountains, Ms Robson and Miss Basterfield’s group were having a great time, enjoying each other’s company, relaxing in front of camp fires with marshmallows, using socks as gloves (Nadia and Erica) and sharing fruit gums. The only downside was when one group took a slight detour for three hours on the last day, delaying the return journey until 10pm.

Both groups have had new experiences over the weekend, making fires, carrying four days’ worth of kit, and going for wild toilet trips. The weather was drizzly to begin with but brightened up over the weekend and we came back with sunburnt faces.

Everyone involved in the weekend away was amazing and we couldn’t have had the same brilliant experience without them. We are extremely proud of all the Year 12s and cannot wait for the qualifying expedition in June.

DofE Team