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A uniquely exciting and groundbreaking development at Cheney School is its collaboration with educational charity The Iris Project, in making Cheney School the first ever "museum school" - a school which also houses the Rumble Museum, with artefacts spread throughout the school site in imaginative, informative and accessible displays. The charity owns a large number of original artefacts, ranging from lithic tools to Ancient Greek and Roman items, and through working towards full accreditation, with the support of the Oxfordshire Museum Services, we are expanding that collection and hosting regular exhibition of loan items.

The Iris Project, which runs the Rumble Museum, is working within the Arts Council Accreditation Scheme towards achieving full accreditation status for the museum. 

As well as displays and exhibitions, Cheney School students and the wider community are able to attend workshops, talks, courses and events on archaeology and artefacts. Visitors can view the growing collections in specific opening times as well as at special events and festivals. 

Learning about the past through objects engages children and adults from all backgrounds, and brings history vividly to life - we work closely with local museums and the University of Oxford to provide a rich and stimulating experience of archaeology and the many areas of life it connects with. 

The Rumble Museum has its own website where you will be able to explore the full catalogue of items and find out about our latest events and exhibitions. 


Above: Students are featured here examining a horse skull as part of a Rumble Museum excavation trip at the Westgate Centre, Oxford