Cheney School

Cheney School


We strive to provide the best possible education for the students at Cheney and continue to work with great determination to improve every aspect of school life. The achievement of every student is at the heart of our school improvement plan and it is clear that we have made progress due to the hard work and commitment of our staff, students and governors.

Cheney School has just had a section five Ofsted inspection which took place on the 28-29 January 2015.   The school was rated good overall and good across all areas of the inspection.  The inspection was conducted under the new framework for inspections which the Ofsted inspectors noted is significantly more challenging that previous frameworks.  We have continued to build on the progress made from our last inspection in 2010 and areas of outstanding practice were highlighted.  The lead inspector, Sarah Hubbard stated: ‘This is an outward –looking academy. As a result the academy has a well-established culture of change and continous development.’

The full report is available below (as are previous reports) and you can read the Ofsted performance tables for Cheney School here.  Copies of previous inspection reports are atttached below.

Extracts from OFSTED Report 2015:

The headteacher, leaders and governors have ensured that all members of the academy community adhere to its motto, “Think for yourself, act for others.”  All staff, including support staff, promote equality of opportunity, creating an environment where students feel stimulated, supported and challenged.  Consequently, students achieve well'.
The headteacher, leaders and governors are dedicated to ensuring students with diverse needs achieve success and are nurtured'
...teachers have high expectations of what students, most notably the more able, can achieve.  They set tasks that are demanding, requiring students to apply knowledge they have acquired in other subjects’.
Subject leaders keep a watchful eye on students’ progress and ensure they receive the extra help needed to succeed in GCSE and A level examinations.  They have high levels of expertise in how students learn best in their subjects.’

​Cheney Sixth Form received these comments:

 ‘...students gain the high grades needed to attend the top universities, including Oxford University.  They receive highly effective support to ensure their applications are competitive. As a result, high numbers of students are offered places at university and take them up having achieved the grades required.
‘Students’ learning is enhanced by the extensive enrichment programme which includes visits to hear lectures by eminent academics, theatre trips and the chance to visit the Hadron Collider at Cern’.