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Student Progress Reports

At Cheney School we aim to listen to parental and teacher views to develop reporting systems that fit our students’ needs.

During 2016-17 you will receive three short reports; two of these will be grading sheets and the third will include brief comments.  These reports will be staggered throughout the year and we have done our best to ensure that key points in a student’s development, such as making option choices, are supported with an appropriate report.

We do not provide an end of year report for all students as it would not be possible for teachers to write reports on every student they teach at one time.  Furthermore, we do not believe that a summative* end of year report is as valuable for a students’ development as providing a formative** report that can give them advice on how to improve and crucially, time to work on those developments.

All reports will provide information on the following:

  • Attendance
  • A record of the number of positive events
  • A record of the number of negative events
  • An end of year attainment estimate
  • A teacher assessment of current attainment
  • A teacher assessment of Learner Characteristics

Further to these points once a year teachers will write a brief statement about strengths and areas for development.  This will be more detailed for Year 12 and 13 students.

The learner characteristics we will grade for each report are:

  • Attitude to Learning
  • Communication Skills
  • Homework Quality
  • Personal Organisation
  • Presentation of Work

Each of these is assessed on a scale from one to five, with one being ‘unacceptable’ and five being ‘exceptional’.  Further information and detail is contained within the document below.

*A summative report is given at the end of a period of study.  It would state how well the student has done but would not give advice on how to improve.  If a comment was given on how to improve the student would not have the opportunity to work on this development.

** A formative report is given during a period of study.  It would state how well a student is doing and would give advice on how to make further progress.  The student then has further time to work on the advice given in the report.

Dates for 2016-17 Reports

Reports will be made available electronically or be sent home with students by these approximate dates:


Report 1

Report 2

Report 3

Year 7




Year 8




Year 9




Year 10

21.10.16 (options)


10.2.17 &   19.5.17 (core)

Year 11