Cheney School

Cheney School

Safeguarding and Wellbeing

As a school, we are totally committed to ensuring our school community is a safe place to learn and work in.  We consider the health, safety and wellbeing of students at Cheney School of the utmost importance. The governing body of the school complies with section 175 of the Education Act 2002, 'to safeguard and promote the welfare of children'. In order to ensure this, we have developed thorough services, policies and procedures within the school and maintain all staff are regularly trained on current practices.  To visit our Bullying page, click here or use the links to the left of this page.

We have a number of specialist staff who work to support our students by providing excellent pastoral care.  These include our year teams as well as the school counsellor and school nurse.

There is also an all year round school health service and the contact number during the summer is 01865 904234.