Cheney School

Cheney School

Summer Bridging Work

You have been set Summer Bridging Work by your teachers so that:

  1. You can test the subject – do you like it? You are going to be spending two years studying this subject for 10 hours a week so you need to be sure!
  2. You can see whether the difficulty of this subject is right for you
  3. You can prepare to start the Sixth Form academically.
  4. You can show your teachers your strengths

All of the work is available for you to download below. The documents also have a shopping list and contact details for your teachers.

The Summer Bridging Work MUST be handed to the Subject Teachers on Friday 15 September 2017

Your work will be assessed in September by your class teachers.

Anyone not completing the work or producing work of poor quality will be re-interviewed regarding their place on the course and in the Sixth Form.

The aims are for you to understand if you like the course and for you to be ready to start learning at post-16 level.

All work is due in on Friday 15 September 2017

Please note  these are only examples of summer work - the final versions will be posted on our website following Freshers' Day on June 26.

If you change courses over the summer, you must complete the Summer Bridging Work for your new subject(s)