Cheney School

Cheney School

Year Groups

Year Teams are responsible for students' academic progress and wellbeing.  Heads of Year, Assistant Heads of Year and Tutors are the main contact points for parents and carers to communicate with the school. The Heads of Year have a central role in coordinating the Year Group achievement agenda and ensuring this is delivered in line with the vision and ethos of the school, and they are supported by the Assistant Head of Year, which is a non-teaching position designed to be a point of contact for parents and students. The Assistant Head of Year is the person that parents can speak to if they have any questions or need to contact the school to report their child sick or absent. They have a key role in supporting students’ progress, health, safety and general wellbeing within the school.

Each Head of Year has a strategic focus for their Year Group and are responsible for:

  • Tracking and monitoring students' academic progress
  • Year Group attendance
  • All safeguarding issues
  • Any behaviour and learning issues
  • Running Year Group assemblies

If you wish to speak to anyone in school with regard to your child, in the first instance we ask you to contact the Assistant Head of Year as they are not a member of the teaching staff and are more likely to be at the end of the phone.

All contact details for the year teams can be found below:

  Assistant Head of Year Head of Year

Year 7

Miss Blair
01865 755256

Mr Bampton

01865 759273

Year 8 

Mrs O'Donnell
01865 755202

Mr Stacey ( temporary until end of T6 2018)
01865 755 207

Year 9

Miss Nadeem
01865 755253

Mr Jerrome
01865 755278

Year 10

Miss Clear
01865 755272

Mr Stacey
01865 755279

Year 11

Miss Giles
01865 755 238

Miss Parker
01865 755 236 

Year 12 and 13


01865 755306

Ms Hackett
01856 755242