Cheney School

Cheney School

Year 8


I came to Cheney from Bayards Hill School and I joined as my brother is already here. He picked Cheney from all the schools he visited as he thought it was the best and had the most to offer. I agree with him as everyone here is nice and the way they settle you into school is good. You get the chance to try lots of activities and it helps you get to know people.

Since starting here, I have really enjoyed tutor time. We never had this in primary, so it was completely new to me – I like it because my tutor is really kind, and she helps me out whenever I need it. I also get to see students that I don’t see in class. Having the older students in my tutor group is really good as they helped us out a lot when we first started by showing us around. They have always been really kind.

I’m looking forward to all the cool things you get to do in the future at Cheney, like choosing what subjects you get to study. It puts you in charge of your school life.