Cheney School

Cheney School

Key Stage 4

Key Stage Four lead: S Gunter - SGU@CHENEY.OXON.SCH.UK

Current Year 11 students are the first cohort of the new GCSE curriculum. This is an entirely exam-based curriculum: there is no coursework and students are assessed entirely on a series of written exams at the end of Year 11. There are two qualifications: English Language and English Literature. Student’s will get two GCSEs at the end of Year 11. The exams for English Literature are closed book (students won’t have a copy of the text they studied in front of them) so it is essential that students know these texts extremely well. For this reason, students have to buy their own copy of the texts, so that they can annotate them, mark pages, etc. If your child is a Premier Pupil a copy of the text will be made available to them.

Please see below for the FREE to download revision guides. One for each examination.

Also, please visit to explore the English Faculty blog.