Miss J Gleen - Head of Humanities
Miss E Cerioni - Teacher
Mr D Smith  -Teacher
Mr E Lea - Teacher
Miss A Douglas  - Teacher

As Geographers we are passionate about the world around us: both our natural world and our ever-changing social world. We aim to encourage independence with enquiry-based learning with an emphasis on topical and current issues. We aim to engage and inspire students to look more closely at the world around them and to become global citizens!


All students in Key Stage 3 study Geography. Geography in Year 7 and 8 is taught thematically to cover local, regional, national and international Geography
Year 7: Flooding;; Adventure Landscapes; Crime; Geography in the Movies, Oxford; Coasts
Year 8: Global Fashion Industry; Tectonics; Africa; Wild Weather; Brazil; the State of the Planet

Educational Visits
At KS3 we offer an enrichment field trip per year group; to Lulworth Cove in Year 7 and to London in Year 8. We also take students out during lesson time for some local field work.

Students are assessed against national benchmark criteria at least once during each unit. We work to enable students to achieve their full potential during these assessments and so we often use the assessments as a tool for enabling students to progress and develop, not just to measure standards.


GCSE Geographers can looks at a range of economic, social and environmental issues such as sustaining ecosystems and resource reliance. We offer residential field trips for GCSE as well as field work day trips. The exam offers a mixture of knowledge recall and extended writing.
Geographers are renowned for excellent skills of analysis, decision making, evaluation and the ability to handle data. As such, they are always considered very employable!


At Key Stage 5 students have the opportunity to study Geography A Level. Students are given a wide range of support and the opportunity to take part in various field trips and enrichment activities such as attend GA lectures and to go on our residential field trip to Snowdonia.

Our studies at A Level are relevant to contemporary issues such as the study of water insecurity, global

What the students think:

  • It’s super fun’, ‘It is really topical’ – Thomas
  • ‘The physical  stuff great’, ‘I like how it mixes science and social stuff at the same time’ Ed
  • ‘It’s really cool’, ‘raises your awareness of the world and it is useful in all aspects of life’ – Inez

Sixth Form Wider Reading and Discovery Lists for A-Level Geography