Through Personal, Social and Health Education (PHSE), we aim to help students become confident and thoughtful individuals who are able to play an active role in society and to contribute to their communities.

One of our key aims is for each student to develop a good degree of self-awareness which will encourage him or her to make informed and considered choices now and in the future. All students follow a programme of study that includes health, relationships, and politics.

There is a strong emphasis on developing learning skills and critical thinking, so that students can develop their independence as learners across the curriculum and as reflective, self-aware and capable adults in their lives beyond Cheney School.

PSHE topics are covered in all subjects, and in addition, Year 7-9 have collapsed timetable days, and Year 10 are taught PSHE on completion of their GCSE RE. Topics are also covered in a range of assemblies.

In particular, the topics covered on collapsed days and in assemblies are:

  • Year 7:  Safety (including e-safety), wellbeing, healthy living, puberty, anti-bullying, addiction
  • Year 8:   Safety (including e-safety), money skills, first aid, sex education
  • Year 9:  Wellbeing, body image, careers, addiction, sex education
  • Year 10:  Healthy relationships, drugs, sex education, careers (including work experience)