At Cheney School, students are expected to make their own way to school - it is good for them and good for the planet.

We strongly discourage dropping students off by car, unless there are special circumstances. If your child has a specific need, you can bring them into the school car park to drop them off safely. We recognise that some students have no alternative but to come by car, but we feel that others may do so because of lack of information about, or lack of confidence in the available alternatives. We are keen to promote the alternatives and to help students choose more sustainable forms of transport.

Given the large volume of bicycles and pedestrians arriving and leaving the school, there is a risk of accidents, especially at the junction of Cheney Lane and Warneford Lane. If on occasion it is absolutely essential to drop off or collect your child by car, we urge you to park on Warneford Lane in the parking spaces provided, rather than on the cycle lane at the junction with Cheney Lane or directly outside the school gates on Cheney Lane.

If you are dropping off on Warneford Lane, please turn off your engine and refrain from idling, in consideration of pedestrians and cyclists who will be in the immediate vicinity.

Cycling or Walking to School

Please encourage your children to walk or cycle along the quietest routes to minimise their exposure to air pollution.

Students cycling to school are urged to wear helmets, and we welcome your support in encouraging your child to wear a helmet every time they cycle. Wearing one yourself sets a good example. It is also really important to regularly check your bike; as a guide here is a Sustrans CHECKLIST and an informative VIDEO to help.

Cycle racks for students are located by the student entrance on Gipsy Lane and are kept under surveillance and locked during the school day.

The THINK campaign offers information and videos on cycle safety as does SUSTRANS, whilst BIKEABILITY is a national cycling proficiency scheme and complements any training pupils may have received in primary school.

Cheney is trying to help by running bicycle maintenance clubs and sharing useful information e.g. safer cycle route maps.

The Highway Code offers information and safety advice for walkers as do the Ramblers. We encourage children to walk together where possible and wear visible clothing in the winter months.

Cheney is trying to help by setting up walking parties.

Going by Bus

The timetables of buses serving Cheney School can be found on the bus company websites:

Oxford Bus Company

Stagecoach Buses

The KEY CARD is a prepaid travel card that can be topped up at any time and can be cancelled and replaced if it is lost, stolen or damaged. Go to one of the Oxford Bus Company’s travel shops (at 89 Gloucester Green or 44–45 High Street) or go online.