In the 2021-22 academic year, we are running a trial to offer flexi-schooling for home-educated children.  We are offering a range of subjects with a mix of in-person, online and live-streamed classes across all year groups from 7 to 11.  Our experience of bringing students onto our roll in Year 11 in January 2021, allowing them to get teacher-assessed grades in the absence of exams, has encouraged us to enrol a trial cohort for this academic year. 

As far as we are aware, Cheney is the only secondary school in the country which is actively facilitating flexi-schooling for home-educated children.

Making education available to the widest possible cohort of students fits well with our ethos and the importance we place on inclusivity. 

Integrating flexi-students into a busy mainstream secondary school is tricky. We do not pretend that everything will work perfectly, or that it will suit every student. We are a slightly underfunded mainstream comprehensive, not a private tutorial college, so our ability to be flexible, or to respond instantly to queries is limited. This is not to say that the quality of education will be inferior; in fact, we would say it’s really rather good.

We cannot accept new applicants for flexi-schooling for this academic year, although we will still offer our services as an exam centre for private candidates to the maximum extent possible. 

If the trial is successful, we will make it a permanent feature of Cheney’s offer and will develop a smooth process for registering interest, attending taster sessions and enrolling. 

An expression of interest form, further information about the process for enrolment, along with a timeline for applications will appear on this page in early 2022.