Miss J Gleen - Head of Humanities -
Miss H South – Key Stage 4 Humanities Leader
Ms E Davis - Teacher
Mr D Gimson – Higher Attainers Coordinator
Miss Patel – Teacher
Mr H Nelson – Assistant Head
Mr B Taberer - Teacher
Mrs Stafford – Teacher

What are our aims?
• Help students to acquire an understanding of the world in which they live
• Encourage students to analyse information critically
• Develop key historical skills such as an appreciation of why and how things happen
• Make history interesting, and above all, fun!


At Key Stage Three, our key questions are:
1) Who runs the country?
2) Who runs society?
3) Who runs the world?

In Year 7, after an exciting ’What is History?’ unit, all pupils study Medieval England and Europe 1066 to 1485, taking in topics such as the Battle of Hastings and the Black Death. Pupils then explore British History from Henry VIII to the Industrial Revolution.

In Year 8 pupils study the British Empire, Democracy and Dictatorship, and the First and Second Wars. We foster independent study through a range of projects, such as the World War Two projects on display this evening.


We currently teach the Edexcel Syllabus covering the whole of human achievement from the Ancient Greeks to the present day through the study of the History of Medicine. There is a special study on surgery and medicine at the Western Front during World War I. Pupils also study the failure of democracy in Weimar Germany (1918-33) and the Nazi Dictatorship (1933-45).

Students also complete in-depth studies of Kings Richard and John and the Crusades as well as superpowers’ relations between 1945 and 1990.


We teach the innovative OCR Syllabus. In Year 12 Historians study the Later Tudors (Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I) and the French Revolution. In Year 13, they study the Middle East (c1900 to present day) and complete an Independent Investigation on a subject of their choice.