Announcing This Year’s Cheney Choice Selection

As part of this year’s World Book Day celebrations we launched the Cheney Choice selection for 2023. This is a selection of four recently-published books recommended for years 8 and 9 respectively and it is the third time we have run this initiative. Previous Cheney Choice titles have gone on to be firm favourites amongst the students, with new year groups now discovering and enjoying them for the first time. This year’s titles were chosen by Mrs Fenton for their readability, diversity and cultural relevance and it is hoped that lots of students will read at least one book but ideally all four. 

The books have been incorporated into the year 8/9 English curriculum and will be studied as part of structured reading lessons. Additionally, it is planned to run some reading groups to discuss each title and to run a vote towards the end of the year as to which title is the most popular. 

The introductory films that were shown to students can be watched here:

There are currently five copies of each title available to borrow through the library. We would obviously like more copies to encourage more students to read these fantastic books and to support the planned reading groups. If parents/carers would like to either buy a set of books (the cost for four books with discount is about £22) for their own students or to buy a set for the school library, please contact Mrs Fenton

Mrs Jill Fenton, Cheney Librarian

Ms Phoebe Mortimer, Head of KS3 English

Cheney Choice book covers 2023 Year 8
Cheney Choice book covers 2023 Year 9