Beauty and the Beast – Whole School Production

What a show! The Creative Arts Department wowed us with their musical production of Beauty and the Beast last week!

Josh in Year 9 who played Cogsworth said  "Being in this show was a huge privilege, and an incredible experience that we had be working on for months. We started way back in September doing 3 rehearsals a week and have continued that throughout, with lots of time and effort, the show came together and it was all worth it. It was an amazing thing to do, and with professional costumes, it just topped it all off. All of the audience seemed to love the show too, calling it a gripping story and a professional production. It was great fun, and I will definitely be getting involved in school productions in the future."

There were several performances last Wednesday for local primary schools followed by 3 show nights. Staff and students clearly put a lot of work into the production; there was stunning scenery, musical and acting talent and a professional orchestra.

Congratulations to everyone involved and everyone who came along to support the show.

Audience Reviews

"It was an absolute heart-singing delight to see the performance of Beauty and the Beast.  I know that SO much team work goes in to such a wonderful production and can't quite find the words to say a big enough well done to each person who made it all happen.  
It was absolutely joyful to be there and see and hear it all unfold.  The music was incredible, as well as the singing and acting and scenery.  What an amazing opportunity for Cheney students to be part of and an amazing transformation of the school hall. "

"The play was so good- slick, fun, great costumes and some stand-out acting. The live music from the school orchestra was almost professional standard! 

Congratulations to the Creative Arts dept!"

"It was brilliant! A credit to all of the staff and students involved. Their hard work paid off. "