GCSE Results 2021

We are delighted with the results that our Year 11 students have achieved. We are very proud of the resilience and common sense that our students have shown over the course of the year, we are very pleased that they have got the results they deserve, and have a great set of destinations for the new academic year. This set of results continues the steady improvement we have seen over the last several years, and is broadly in line with what we would have expected in a normal year, given what we know of our students. The success we see here is because of the hard work and positive attitude of our students. Every grade has have gone through a thorough and rigorous process to ensure fairness and accuracy: every one of these results has been earned, and is backed up with solid evidence, which is why we are delighted that our fabulous Year 11 have done so well.

Overall, over 30% of our grades were at grade 7 or higher, and 75% were at grade 4 or above, and our progress score suggests that students did on average almost half a grade per subject better than national average. We want to congratulate all of our students, including some with exceptional individual results:

  • Lucy Marshall has 9 grade 9s this year, and a tenth from last year.
  • Faith Woodruffe-Peacock also achieved 9 grade 9s this year, together with one 8 and one further grade 9 from last year.
  • Calum Murray has 8 grade 9s and one grade 8 from this year, and 2 further grade 9s from last year.
  • Elizabeth Kenny gained 8 grade 9s, and 2 grade 8s this year and a further grade 9 from last year.
  • Ruby Crocker has 8 grade 9s and one grade 8 from this year, and 2 further grade 9s from last year.
  • Grace Kidman has achieved 7 grade 9s this year, and one further 9 from last year.
  • A further 24 students scored nothing lower than a grade 7 and 189 students got 5 or more GCSEs at grade 4 or above.
  • We would also like to congratulate our flexi-school students, who were mainly home-educated and came on roll for a few subjects in January when exams were cancelled, in order to allow them to access some GCSEs. These include Tia Mavromatis, Alba D'Onofrio-Harrison and Louis Martins Carlos who all scored 2 grade 9s, despite only being at Cheney for a few months, mainly via livestreamed lessons.