Online Learning/Google Classroom Codes

How do students at home access their lessons?

Students use Google Classroom to access their learning from home.


This booklet will help you with instructions for accessing online learning if you have any questions.

GoogleClassroom Student Instructions

GoogleClassroom codes

Students should only use this if they do not know a code or have not been able to join their classroom: students must be very careful to check that they have found their own class - some teachers teach lots of classes in one year group!

Google Classroom Codes 2021-2022

'How to' video

Kindly made by Miss Robinson. We recommend students (and parents/carers) watch this if they have any problems:

Optional Yrs 7-10 Extend and Challenge Home Learning Activities

These are entirely optional and should only be attempted once classwork is completed:

Remote Education Information for Parents

January 2021 Remote Education Provision - Information for Parents

Parent-Friendly Online Learning - Best Practice - January 2021