Covid 19: Learning and Support

Covid update

Our contingency plan to reimpose some of the control measures from last year is below. Because of the low current level of cases in school, we will start with assemblies in person (masked) and with using the PE changing rooms. Students must come in their normal uniform on PE days.

Self-isolation now only applies to those who have tested positive. Close contacts (including family members) should book a PCR test, rather than self-isolating.

August 2021 - Covid contingency

DfE contingency framework: Contingency framework: education and childcare settings

DfE operational guidance: Schools COVID-19 operational guidance

Measures in place:
1. Keeping symptomatic cases out of school: ongoing communication with staff, parents and children.
2. Individual risk assessments for all staff as appropriate.
3. Hygiene and cleaning: hand sanitiser; “catch it, bin it, kill it”; cleaning of desk spaces as part of start of lesson routine; enhanced cleaning of site.
4. Lateral Flow Tests: 2 asymptomatic tests at the start of term; ongoing home tests.
5. Ventilation: site team checked all rooms before the start of term; windows and doors to remain open where possible, including at break / lunch and overnight; staff to report poor ventilation; CO2 monitors are due to arrive from DfE; ways of improving ventilation will be explored, within the bounds of what is possible.
6. Track and Trace have taken responsibility for contact tracing, but school will in addition send a warning email to parents when a child in the same class has tested positive, encouraging PCR tests.
7. Staff briefing will remain online.
8. If assemblies are in person, masks will be worn.
9. Ongoing compliance with PHE / Track and Trace advice.


Level 1: 2 or 3 confirmed cases in a year group.
1. Assemblies revert to online.
2. PE changing rooms taken out of use; students come in PE kit.

Level 2: several confirmed cases in one or more year groups, but not qualifying as an outbreak (see contingency framework): the cases are not clustered, but appear to be separate.
1. Staff training and meetings move online.
2. Masks again become compulsory inside.
3. Limits on visitors.

Level 3: depends on advice from PHE, but is in the event of a significant outbreak. Measures will be imposed following advice, but may well include:
● Separate entrances and exits.
● Split break and lunch.
● Canteen service reverts to take-away only.
● Limits on clubs, performances and extra-curricular activities.
● Isolation of larger groups, up to full or partial closure of the school.
● Introduction of asymptomatic testing in school for groups, or the whole school.

Online teaching and live-streaming: we are going to retain the ability to do this as part of a planned provision. For short term absences, there will be work on the Google Classroom called something like ‘in case of absence’, which will be refreshed periodically as topics move on. For longer term absence, or to make online learning part of a planned
provision, please make contact with the year team or SEND.

Lateral Flow Tests:  students will be given packs of Lateral Flow Tests to do at home twice weekly, once we have completed the two in-school tests.

Updates and Letters

Leadership Update - CC -16.09.2021

Leadership Update - CC -09.09.2021

Leadership Update - RPavey - 03.09.2021

Start of term arrangements for September 2021 -RPavey- 26.08.2021

Understanding Lateral flow Antigen Testing Cheney 2021

Letters and updates from last year are available on the letters pages of your year groups.

Reference Documents

How to Report Absence

Cheney COVID-19 Protocols 2020 v 25.11.2020*

Cheney - COVID-19 Risk Assessment 2021 v 04.05.2021

Amended Child Protection Policy - COVID-19 v 05.01.2021

*The Cheney Covid-19 Protocols document relates to the situation at the end of the autumn term; certain elements have been superseded by measures detailed in our leadership letters home.

How do students at home access their lessons?

Students use Google Classroom to access their learning from home.


This booklet will help you with instructions for accessing online learning if you have any questions.

GoogleClassroom Student Instructions

Only use this if you do not know a code or have not joined your classrooms already: be very careful to check that you have found your own class - some teachers teach lots of classes in one year group!. We will make the 2021-2022 codes available in September:

'How to' video

Kindly made by Miss Robinson. We recommend you watch this if you have any problems:

Optional Yrs 7-10 Extend and Challenge Home Learning Activities

These are entirely optional and should only be attempted once classwork is completed:

Remote Education Information for Parents

January 2021 Remote Education Provision - Information for Parents

Parent-Friendly Online Learning  - Best Practice

The School Day 2021-2022