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Covid symptoms: the most important single thing in preventing the spread of Covid is not to send children to school if they have symptoms. If in doubt, please join lessons online and book a PCR test. It is also very important not to send students to school if there is a confirmed or suspected case in the family. We very much appreciate parents’ patience and cooperation with this.

Face coverings: in line with the recent government guidance, masks will no longer be compulsory for students in school from Monday 17 May. This applies in class and in corridors. If students feel more comfortable wearing a mask, they can continue to do so.

Adults will continue to wear masks inside where social distancing is difficult.

All other Covid security measures remain in place, including ventilation, cleaning, split break and lunch times and separate entrances and exits. There are no changes planned to the canteen yet, and we anticipate PE changing rooms coming back into use after half term, depending on advice from the relevant national governing bodies.

The full 8 page document is here if you are interested:

Teacher-Assessed Grades for Exams: you will find the assessment schedules are on our webpage. We have tried very hard to space them out but the overall grid of assessments is very complicated (especially for Year 11) and we are very aware of the potential for confusion. Please can   parents and carers to check that their children know what is coming up, and what they should revise? If in doubt, please email tutors or individual subject teachers for clarification.

The central email address for special consideration, corrections or appeals is Staff are also using this to log difficulties with assessments to ensure that nothing is missed. If there is anything which has affected a student’s performance in an assessment, please email this address, so we will be able to disregard a poor result, or adjust the weight given to it in deciding a final grade.

Students and parents should be aware that some useful material has been posted on the exam board websites. In many cases, these exam board materials are simply past papers which have been re-issued, but in some cases, there are some new papers and mark schemes.

We need evidence to be able to give a grade. It will always be better to sit an assessment than not; if there are mitigating circumstances, and we know about them through the email above, we will be able to make adjustments. If we have no evidence, we are stuck.

This guide for students from Ofqual outlines the arrangements in place for awarding grades in summer 2021, and where you can go for additional information:

Testing Students at Home:

Taking Part: we are strongly encouraging all students to take part in the national testing programme. Taking part in testing is voluntary and all students will be able to attend school whether they take part in testing or not.

Consent: by accepting and using the test kits, you are deemed to be consenting. No explicit consent is required.

If you choose to participate, you are committing to administer the test and report the results via the NHS Test & Trace digital platform and also to us. Please follow the instructions in the leaflet that accompanies the kit.  If your child is 11 years of age, you will need to administer the test. If your child is 12-17 years of age, you will need to support your child to self-swab effectively. Students aged 18+ can administer the test themselves.

Distribution of Kits: tests are free of charge and will be distributed to students in school. S

Reporting Results: the Government guidance states that test results need to be reported in two ways as follows:

  1. Using the NHS Test & Trace self-report website: Test & Trace
  2. Parents/students will need to tell the school the result of each test by completing this form: Student Home Kit Lateral Flow Testing Results

ALL results must be reported, whether they are positive, negative or void. If students have a positive test result at home, this should be confirmed with a PCR test. Therefore, actions on a positive Lateral Flow Test at home should be:

  • Student and the rest of the family should self-isolate.
  • Inform school of the result.
  • Book a PCR test.
  • Continue self-isolating until the result comes back.
  • If the PCR is negative, inform school and come back to class.
  • If it is positive, continue to self-isolate.

If the result of the test is unclear (void) they will need to do another one. Please advise the school if the second test is void.

When to do the Tests: we request that the first test of the week is done every Sunday evening. The second test should be taken on Wednesday, ideally in the evening, but no earlier.

If, for any reason, you cannot follow the above pattern, students may take the test in the evening before school. The second and subsequent tests should then be 3 to 5 days apart.

Thank you to parents Dr Sally Woods-Bryan, Medical and Life Sciences Writer, and Professor Sarah Wordsworth of the Health Economics Research Centre at the Nuffield Dept. of Population Health for creating Understanding Lateral flow Antigen Testing Cheney 2021 for us.

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All older letters and updates are available on the letters pages of your year groups.

Reference Documents

How to Report Absence

Cheney COVID-19 Protocols 2020 v 25.11.2020*

Cheney - COVID-19 Risk Assessment 2021 v 04.05.2021

Amended Child Protection Policy - COVID-19 v 05.01.2021

*The Cheney Covid-19 Protocols document relates to the situation at the end of the autumn term; certain elements have been superseded by measures detailed in our leadership letters home.

How do students at home access their lessons?

Students use Google Classroom to access their learning from home.


This booklet will help you with instructions for accessing online learning if you have any questions.

Online Learning: Student Instructions

Googleclassroom codes

(Only use this if you do not know a code or have not joined your classrooms already: be very careful to check that you have found your own class - some teachers teach lots of classes in one year group!):

'How to' video

Kindly made by Miss Robinson. We recommend you watch this if you have any problems:

Optional Yrs 7-10 Extend and Challenge Home Learning Activities

These are entirely optional and should only be attempted once classwork is completed:

Remote Education Information for Parents

January 2021 Remote Education Provision - Information for Parents

Parent-Friendly Online Learning  - Best Practice

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