Peer Tutoring

Every Monday afternoon a group of year 11 students have got together for a sweet treat and a cup of tea and they have sat down to coach each other through their English and Maths GCSEs.

This peer tutoring scheme has been a huge success thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of all the students involved.

Miss Hawes - "There is a real buzz in the room when the students begin teaching each other."

English tutor Yasmeen Khan - "It's really helped me because I have to know the texts we study really well to teach them and it has forced me to think carefully about how I explain myself."

OxHub Mentoring

Every Monday period 5, students from Oxford University come into Cheney school to support the learning of Year 11 and Year 8 students in Maths and English. Every Cheney student involved has said that they really appreciate the extra one to one sessions planned especially for them and the Oxford University students are thoroughly enjoying their experiences of giving back to the community. Cheney students are making really good progress by engaging with this programme and the buzz of learning in the air is infectious!