Governor Business Interest Declaration Nature of Interest Date Interest Began
Mr Andrew Allison None
Mrs Brid Eve None
Ms Marie-Anne Fischer None
Mr Tom Gardiner Co-opted Member of Board of Trustees at One Eighty Membership of Board of Trustees of Educational Charity October 2016
Ms Judy Gleen None
Dr Richard Josephy None
Mrs Jolie Kirby Chair and Trustee at Radcliff Academy Trust Trustee at another education Trust September2016
Mr Richard Stamper N one
Karen Fogden Trustee of the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Providing maths challenge papers to schools across the UK 2000
Mr Joe Ewen (resigned 31 August 2016) None
Mrs Lucie Garland (resigned 30 November 2016) Teacher at Pegasus Primary school, Trustee of Oxford Brookes Students’ Unions Primary Education,

University student enrichment and support

February 2015, September 2014
Tim Wainwright Wife Alison is an independent consultant Team Coaching January 2016