Year 7

Autumn Term: Starting as we mean to go on

Students learn about personal organisation and can identify what is important in their lives

Students understand the power of words for good and for harm and organise acts of kindness

Spring Term: Expressing myself effectively

Students can reflect on how they show resilience to overcome barriers

Students can reflect on how they communicate, especially with those who are not like them

Summer Term: Making good decisions

Students can reflect on decision making, including their online behaviour and healthy lifestyle choices

Students learn about what it means to take initiative, to set goals and to lead others

Year 8

Autumn Term: Celebrating our differences

Students learn how to appreciate and handle differences effectively within a team

Students can engage in productive discussion and have the tools to navigate verbal and online communication

Spring Term: Thinking with a clear head

Students can reflect on their decision making and thought processes to ensure a positive approach to future choices

Students engage with different groups/audiences in ways which promote clear communication and inclusivity

Summer Term: Committing to growth

Students approach problems and challenges in a methodical and open-minded way

Students understand that honest reflect and clear vision are fundamental to personal development and building resilience

Year 9

Autumn Term: Finding my voice

Students can moderate their voice and body language when presenting their view to a group and when feeding back to individuals

Students understand the importance of motivation and respect for effective leadership

Spring Term: Adapting my voice

Students use appropriate language in all settings, including online and more formal situations

Students identifying organisational techniques that work for them and can apply organisation to their talk

Summer Term: Growing in confidence

Students develop a sense of pride and confidence that helps them to overcome setbacks

Students appreciate the attractiveness of both initiative and interpersonal skills to those around them and to future employers

Year 10

Autumn Term: Owning my journey

Students embrace challenge as a means to improve and can effectively prioritise

Students understand strategies for independence and performance

Spring Term: Owning my actions

Students can identify when others are at risk of harm and can demonstrate compassion

Students are increasingly self-motivated and resilient, embracing feedback as a means to progress

Summer Term: Owning my decisions

Students understand that both logic and empathy contribute to a strong personal performance as an individual and a leader

Students can reflect and recharge, informing their decision making and allowing them to sustain strong performance

Year 11

Autumn Term: Breaking down the journey

Students understand the importance of resilience and organisation to their studies, and how this helps to maintain positive mental health

Students begin to think critically about the nuance of communication and how this will relate to their future

Spring Term: Charting the course

Students understand that that the world is continually changed by those who act on initiative and who solve problems creatively

Students develop mental toughness, allowing them to overcome setbacks and stay on track

Summer Term: Finishing with pride

This term is left clear for exams