Luna’s favourite days are when she comes to school, she starts crying with excitement when we get to the Cowley Road and she realises where we are!

Luna spends almost all her time on the SEN corridor in J-Block. She has started to wander around classes when they’re working - she is still young and sometimes forgets that it isn’t play time and takes them her favourite toy crocodile! She is starting to learn the difference between break time, and class time but still needs students to help her by not playing with her unless it is her timetabled play time!

The rules for Luna are the same for Maxi – you can pet her if you see her around school, but not large groups as this is quite scary for her! Just like Maxi, Luna tends to jump up, please turn away from her and only give her a fuss when all four paws are on the floor! The other rules set out in assembly in September still stand:

Make sure rubbish goes in the bin – Luna likes to eat…anything – even staples!

Don’t feed Luna, unless it is treats given by her handler. Some human foods can be poisonous so we need to keep Luna safe

When you approach Luna, do so quietly with your hand out so she can smell you first