"Leaders ensure that pastoral and teaching staff work closely together to support vulnerable learners" - Ofsted 2018

Cheney School is a fully comprehensive school, committed to addressing the needs of all our students, including supporting our SEND students - whether this relates to learning, emotional and/or social difficulties, medical or physical disabilities. This is to ensure students are fully included in the life of the school, so that they can learn, make good progress, and achieve their potential in their secondary school years.

We do our utmost to ensure that students' needs are met in the mainstream classroom wherever possible. Staff in the Learning Support Faculty work closely with teachers and other colleagues in all subjects to ensure that work set is differentiated and appropriate. Staff are given strategies to support each individual student, providing materials and training to aid where necessary. But where more individualised support and/or teaching is required, this is usually led by Learning Support staff.

We also work closely with a range of professionals outside school to provide informed pastoral support, and to support learning, based on students’ specific, individual needs.

Listening to children and young people, working with parents and listening to their aspirations and those of their children, and to achieve the most appropriate provision, are all key elements in all our work.

If parents have concerns with their primary school child’s support and academic progress, they are encouraged to talk, in the first instance, to their primary school SENCo, and/or the Education Officer supporting the primary school, and to contact Oxfordshire's Special Educational Needs Support Service (01865 456702).

This link to an animation explains how a child or young person can receive support and help through an Education, Health and Care Plan (an EHC Plan): http://vimeo.com/105132372.

For enquiries relating to SEND students and Faculty staff please contact the SEN Administrator on 01865 755285 or email send@cheney.oxon.sch.uk.

Dr Richard Coombs is the SENCo 

This page was updated September 2017.  

Learning Support Faculty staff 2017-2018
Dr Richard Coombs SENCo; Head of Faculty
Ms T. Partlett Assistant SENCo
Ms N. Brassey Specialist Teacher (including for examination concessions)
Ms S. Bhatti

Ms P. Blake

Education Inclusion Teacher; 'Looked After Children' Lead

Education Inclusion Teacher

Ms S. Lopez Cheney Plus Instructor
Mr J. Heenan Cheney Plus Instructor
Ms N. Hilton SEN Manager
Ms M. Marinova

Mr M. Thomas

Ms C. Barnett

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Ms J. Morgan SEN Literacy Interventions Co-ordinator
Mr P. Oakley Principal Teaching Assistant
Ms D. Clanfield SEN Administrator

In line with the 2014 Department for Education Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Code of Practice: 0-25 years, the following documents are available below for your reference.

SEND Information Report

Code of Practice - approved by Parliament 29/07/14

Parents letter -August 2014

Transition arrangements for Year 6 SEND students

External agencies supporting Cheney School

Outside agencies - charities useful addresses