Abdullah Nassar

I believe there is always a better version for anything and I believe that Cheney is trying their best to achieve that best, and when we do, then we can work on achieving the next best.” (Abdullah Nassar, Media and Communications – Sixth Form Blog Team)

Ella Mann

My vision is of a school where we can all support each other to live in a way that is kind to ourselves, others and the planet we live on.” (Ella Mann, Environmental Impact Team)

Marie-Therese Brown

My vision for Cheney is for all students to feel welcome and involved within the school community. As a member of the charities team, I wish for everyone to have the opportunity to be involved in fundraising and supporting causes that are important to them.” (Marie-Therese Brown, Charities Team)

Sandra Santhosh

My vision for Cheney is that I want everyone to feel that they are part of a supporting and welcoming community, where they can grow as individuals. I hope that everyone enjoys their Cheney experience and is able to make the most of their time here.” (Sandra Santhosh, Well-being Team)

Amena Nebres

My vision is for Cheney to become a place of thriving - not just surviving. Together, I hope we can make our school the best it could be and shape a unique Cheney culture, true to us students and staff, which we can each take pride in.” (Amena Nebres, Media and Communications – Sixth Form Blog Team)

Leonard Cowee

I would like a student's experience at Cheney School to be smooth, easy and straightforward. It is important to me that people are free to study and excel without distraction, and that they always know what the school is doing and what opportunities are open to them. In that spirit, I hope that one day students in the lower school might have the same opportunities as sixth formers to have their say in the school administration.” (Leonard Cowee, Media and Communications – Cheney News Team)

Maya Von Hauenschild

My name is Maya and I am a head student on the student senior leadership team, representing the environmental committee. I hope that Cheney can be a more environmentally aware and integrated school. I hope that everyone can learn life skills and put their ideas forward so they can thrive in every way.” (Maya von Hauenschild, Environmental Impact Team)

Sara El Mahjouby

My vision for Cheney School is to make everyone feel as comfortable and welcome as possible, and to allow each student to be the best version of themselves.” (Sara El Mahjouby, Media and Communications – Sixth Form Blog Team)

Brighty Varughese-Kakkunnath

My vision for Cheney is to be a school community that actively raises awareness for all kinds of diversity- embracing and developing understanding of culture, preferences and ideas. (^_^)v” (Brighty , Media and Communications – Sixth Form Blog Team)

Lydia Hawkins

My vision for Cheney is that I hope to create an environment that makes sure people can express themselves freely and feel comfortable to be who they are, free from judgement.” (Lydia Hawkins, Well-Being Team)

Saleh Mohammed

"My name is Saleh Mohammed and I am one of the Cheney Student Leaders. My vision is to see this diverse community that we are built up in, expressed further as we plan towards the future; giving students a voice as we build a new chapter.” (Saleh Mohammed, Sports and Social Team)

Wiktoria Maliszewska

My vision for Cheney is to create a strong diverse community where everyone feels free to achieve anything they desire with the support of teachers, staff and other students.” (Wiktoria Maliszewska, Well-being Team)

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