Cheney School Sixth Form will provide you with a full range of educational opportunities. Here at Cheney, we focus on advanced courses of study, which take two years.


Cheney School aims to offer equality of opportunity to all students in terms of both access to, and the teaching of, the curriculum. All students are encouraged to achieve their potential, and to recognise and respect the worth of individuals irrespective of gender, race, religion/belief, age, disability and sexual orientation.

Our curriculum is designed to maximise your potential. You will study three or four academic qualifications (A Levels or BTECs), participate in the school's extended curriculum and enrichment programme, and benefit from the tutorial programme to help you to develop important skills and qualities, improve your employability and support you in your decision-making for life beyond Cheney School.


Historically, AS levels were taken at the end of the first year and A Levels at the end of the second with students’ marks from the first year contributing to their A Level grade. However, 2015 marked a change: performance at AS in ‘reformed’ subjects now has no bearing on your final A Level grade.

Reformed A Level qualifications are a two year, linear A Level courses.  This means that the whole course is assessed in Year 13.  AS qualifications are available and the content may be compatible and co-teachable with the first year of the A Level course, but if examinations are taken in AS, they are Stand Alone qualifications because they do not contribute to the final A Level grade.

A stand alone AS is worth 40% of the UCAS points of a full A Level.

A Level

The majority of students in Cheney School Sixth Form study A Levels, with most taking three subjects in Year 12, and some taking four.

Level 3 BTEC

We offer a small number of Level 3 BTEC courses.   These are all two year courses.  A single Level 3 BTEC is equivalent to an A Level, whilst a double BTEC is the equivalent of two A Levels.  Students can take the equivalent of three BTEC subjects or a mixture of BTEC and A Level courses.

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