See below for our new SSLT members for 2020-2021.

Head students:

Alison Hazendari

Harry Beel

William Deacon

Yasmin vonHauenschild

Committee representatives:

Wellbeing: Melissa Berry

The wellbeing committee is focused on ensuring your school life is enjoyable and your mental health is supported and therefore allowing you to flourish not only academically but also personally.

  • If you want to promote students' wellbeing, contact us!

Events: Aleen Jaison

The Events Committee is put together to make your school days as enjoyable as possible. We try our best to plan and carry out fun things for the whole school and selective year groups (i.e prom, winter balls, etc.)

  • If you wish to arrange an event (non-academic), contact them!

Charity and Action: Shon Santhosh

The Charity Committee is in charge of ensuring students at Cheney can fundraise for their selected charities and calling for action when required (for example, letting year groups fundraise for their chosen charity and providing information regarding the BLM movement + calling for change in the school curriculum)

  • If you’re looking to fundraise for a charity or a cause in Cheney, contact them!

Enrichment: Darcey Snape

Enrichment helps to organise academic activities that go beyond the curriculum such as inviting speakers, setting up clubs, and running competitions.

  • If you want to arrange an extracurricular activity, contact them!

Climate Action: Rachel Garlake-Louw

The Climate Committee is in charge of ensuring that Cheney is playing its part in helping with the climate crisis. (i.e raising awareness, encouraging positive change in the school)

  • If you’re eager to be eco-friendly in something that you’re working on / believe they’ll have relevance to what you’re working on, contact them!
Year Group Leaders:

Year 7: Gabrielle Crook

Year 8: Ellie Meikle

Year 9: Jude Smith

Year 10: Isaac Jackson

Year 11: Mariyam Hussain

Year 12: Geo Ramos

Contact us:

Cheney Sixth Form
Phone: 01865 755306