Ashton - Year 7


The main difference between primary and secondary school is the size of the school! This school is much bigger than Bayards Hill Primary School.

My favourite thing about the school is that you get to meet new people and learn new subjects.

If I could give a new student one bit of advice, I would recommend them to invest in a big bag! You are given lots of things to carry  around to every class.

Lilly - Year 8


I have found my first year at Cheney School really good. I love it here and have made many new friends. There are lots of nice teachers.

I attended Wood Farm Primary School before and have found the biggest difference is walking to different classes and the amount of children at school.

Mary - Year 10


My favourite thing at Cheney School is that we can take part in lots of events.

My favourite subject is P.E as I love being active and taking part in competitions.

Since being at Cheney School I’ve learnt to focus and study hard in lessons, this will help me succeed and achieve more in the future.

Juhaina - Year 7


I joined in Year 7 coming from Bayards Hill Primary School. Coming to Secondary School is a big change from Primary School.

The lessons and the teachers are my favourite thing about the school.

My advice to new students would be don’t be anxious to join in when you are new, because in the end you will make loads of friends and teachers are great. 

Sahana - Year 9


My favourite thing about Cheney is that there is always resources to use when I need help. The teachers are extremely helpful.

My favourite subject is Computing, it is challenging and makes me think.

The main thing I have learnt at Cheney is how to be less shy and how to communicate more openly.

Saide - Sixth Form


Cheney School has helped me prepare for the future by supporting me in finding the right university and helping me to apply.  The teachers are very helpful, some teachers have gone the extra mile and stayed after school to help me with work I may be finding difficult.

My next steps would be to study Medicine at University, through the Biomedical Science root.