Climate Change Protests

We understand that some of our students may be planning to take part in the Global Climate Action on Friday 20 September – part of the global movement to draw attention to climate change.  The Oxford protest is due to happen between 11.00 am and 2.00 pm in Broad Street, in the city centre.

As a school, we encourage our young people to voice their opinions and to fight for what matters to them, and these protests are no different. However, this is a non-school event that is happening during the school day and we are, therefore, unable to endorse or encourage students to attend.

Any student wishing to take part in the protest will need to:

  1. Use our on-line form to answer 5 questions outlining their thoughts about the current crisis and their reasoning for wanting to attend the action. The form needs to be completed by the end of day Tuesday 17 September.
  2. Ensure that your parents or carers send in email consent to your pastoral leader, by the end of day Tuesday 17 September.

On the basis of the responses and parental consents, Year Teams will decide whether to release individual students.