Red Bins for Recycling Outside

Please remember, DO NOT PUT THE FOLLOWING IN THE RED RECYCLING BINS OUTSIDE  (or the in the green bins in your classrooms):

  • food waste, foody containers or liquids
  • white food trays or cutlery from the canteen – they are not cardboard/plastic and cannot be recycled
  • chewing gum – you shouldn’t even have it in school!
  • crisp packets – these should go in the separate crisp packet collection boxes. If you can’t locate a
    crisp-packet collection box, then put your crisp packet in the ordinary bin

All of these can contaminate a whole bin-full because they are
hard to remove.
Please do not put any item you are not sure about in the recycling bins. Although all the waste gets sorted in the end, it costs more to process if there are lots of items in there that are non-recyclable.

Keep it up!