Assembly Opportunity – how to apply

SOVEREIGN NATION MASTERCLASS WEEKEND Friday 27 – Sunday 29 March 2020 Led by Flintlock Theatre & Haida Artist Gwaai Edenshaw Hosted by Cherwell School and The Pitt Rivers Museum

A weekend of free, cross-disciplinary masterclasses, drawing on art, history, philosophy, anthropology, creative writing, drama, film and music – bringing together Year 10 and Year 12 students from Oxford city schools to ask: Decolonisation… Are We Nearly There Yet? Selected students from Years 10 and 12 will participate in a series of workshops, discussions and explorations at Cherwell School and the Pitt Rivers Museum around the subject of colonialism and its legacy.

We welcome submissions in any form a student chooses. It could be, for example, a painting, a spoken word performance (audio or video recording), a music track, some videoed choreography, an essay, a piece of creative writing, a short film, a script or animation. This is not an exhaustive list. Submit your response to the following provocation in any form you choose:

Colonialism – what does it mean?

The deadline for application is 14th February. An independent board convened by Flintlock Theatre will make selections in the third week of February. You must be available for the workshop dates if you apply. Submissions should be sent by email to in a digital format – e.g. digital image, video or audio recording, a link to a web-hosted file or video, Word document, PDF etc. Where the chosen response is not digital, such as a painting or other physical object, photographs of the piece (this could include several angles and close-ups) should be submitted by email. We look forward to receiving your application.