There are lots of sixth formers already signed up to have Maxi for 1 period… can I please ask that if you have signed up, you turn up! Maxi’s timetable is based around socialising time and sleep time.. if you miss her slot, then she misses an hour of socialising, gets bored and does her sad face. Please don’t make Maxi sad! If you can’t make your slot for whatever reason, please let me know if advance or the morning of your slot. If you continue to miss slots, it will be removed and replaced with someone else.


Now Maxi is a bit older, we are looking to start a few things:

  1. Reading to Maxi. This is part of her training to be a reading dog in the library. As part of your slots, we would like you to read to Maxi for 5-10 minutes so she gets used to it. This can be sat on the sofa in the office
  2. Afternoon walks. There is the opportunity to walk Maxi in either period 4 or 5. If you would like to do this, please let me know.
  3. There are a few more slots available, so if you would like more Maxi time, or would like to sign up for Maxi time (counts as volunteering hours!), please let me know.

My email is

Miss Jackson