Oxford Scholastica Courses

Oxford Scholastica Academy are offering online courses this summer – you can find details here – https://view.publitas.com/d3332267-84fe-4ab6-9fb0-2538da550bbc/virtual-summer-school-brochure/page/1. Occasionally they make available scholarship places for local schools. Cheney students who have taken part have very much enjoyed them, and found them academically very rewarding. If you are interested in any of these courses, and would like to be considered for a scholarship place (and have not already been in contact with me about this), please send an e-mail to me (and not directly to Oxford Scholastica), so that I can contact you if any scholarship places become available.

You are of course welcome to apply directly to Oxford Scholastica for a fee-paying place (£495 for one week).