Rumble Museum Opportunities

We have loads of great opportunities coming up for Year 7 and 8 as part of our 'Future' season. We would love for as many students as possible to be involved in these events. Take a read of the opportunities below and then click here (or above) to tell us which one you would like to take part in. You are welcome to tick more than one box, but in order to ensure wide access, you will only be offered a place on one of the events. All events take place during the school day at Cheney except the Science Fiction afternoon.

Monday 23rd September - 8.30 - 2pm - "Future of Genetics" Day (delivered by the Welcome Centre for Human Genetics)

Through a series of hands-on activities, you will discover how basic genetics works, how we can read the letters of the human genome through ‘DNA sequencing’, and how new sequencing methods that allow the reading of DNA from individual (single) cells and new data analysis algorithms allow researchers to study this disease in a more detailed way. This will be followed by a brief overview of how computers really work and why massive computing power is necessary in modern genetic research, and an activity where you will make your own neural net classifier to understand the principles behind one of the more techniques used in artificial intelligence today.

Friday 18th October - 1 - 4pm - Science Fiction Afternoon (at the Weston Library - delivered by the Bodleian)

You will work on some science fiction world-building ideas, explore the science and art installations which are open to the public in Blackwell Hall, including zebrafish embryos and VR, memory and Alzheimer’s, imagining your future self, future fears from climate change to pandemics and more, followed by a final creative writing session.

Friday 8th November - 8.30 - 3pm - "Future Cities" Day (delivered by Brookes Engineering)

You will look at cities which are considered "futuristic cities", make predictions on what you think cities of the future will look like, and finally design your own futuristic city.

Friday 13th December - 10 - 12 - Robotics Workshop (delivered by Robotics Explorers)

Use Lego robotics technology to build and program machines which can move using motors, gears, pulleys, levers, cams, belts and wheels. You will also learn how to program sensors to make the robot react to its surroundings.