Maxi has enjoyed her first long term at Cheney and loves being the centre of attention whenever possible! She has grown once again; she is now nearly 8 months old and has started to do more around school. She now spends time in the library where students read to her, she goes over to the Sixth Form block lots and enjoys spending time with sixth formers and she spends time with individual students across all year groups. She still sleeps a lot and enjoys playing with her teddies and this time is built into her timetable!

Maxi has now started her Canine Good Citizen Dog Scheme bronze award and should graduate in March.

The same rules still apply for Maxi, but you can now pet her around school if you see her – just don’t swarm around her in big groups as this can be very daunting. Our big rule at the moment is to turn your back on her if she jumps up – Maxi only gets attention when her four paws are on the floor! Please help us with this training by following this at all times. The other rules set out in assembly in September still stand:

  • Make sure rubbish goes in the bin – Maxi likes to eat…anything!
  • Don’t feed Maxi, unless it is treats given by her handler. Some human foods can be poisonous so we need to keep Maxi safe
  • When you approach Maxi, do so quietly with your hand out so she can smell you first

If you have any ideas for other things Maxi could do around school or would like to spend some additional time with Maxi, please email your ideas and full reasoning to Miss Jackson. If you have any questions, concerns, allergy information, etc; please get in touch with Miss Jackson (