Word of the Week

Watch this space for the first Word of the Week for the 2019-2020 Academic Year.

Lost Art Folder

By Jennifer Henderson | September 16, 2019

Camila (Year 11) has lost her Art Folder. She left it outside L block, if anyone sees it please deliver…

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Student Zone – what do you think?

By Jennifer Henderson | September 14, 2019

We’ve made a simple form to gather your comments and ideas about the new Student Zone. We hope we have…

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Latest Newsletter

By Jennifer Henderson | September 13, 2019

Issue 210, 13/09/2019

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Climate Change Protests

By Victoria Hathaway | September 13, 2019

We understand that some of our students may be planning to take part in the Global Climate Action on Friday…

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Book of the Week

By Jennifer Henderson | September 12, 2019

Race to the Frozen North by Catherine Johnson This tells the remarkable true story of a young boy in the…

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New Extra-Curricular Listing

By Jennifer Henderson | September 12, 2019

We have updated our clubs and activities listing for Term 1. All clubs are free. Please note there may be…

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Crisp Packet Collection

By Jennifer Henderson | September 11, 2019

There are now additional crisp packet collection boxes in the Year 7 area and on the stage in the canteen.…

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Mmm…FOOD Waste

By Jennifer Henderson | September 10, 2019

Well done to all of you for remembering that we collect FOOD waste in the Canteen. We now have 3…

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Green Actions: Second Hand September

By Jennifer Henderson | September 10, 2019

Second Hand September is a campaign encouraging people to avoid buying new clothing for the entire 30 days of the…

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Korean Club

By Victoria Hathaway | September 9, 2019

Korean Club begins again in L34 from Tuesday 10th September. Please e-mail Mr Gimson or speak to him in person…

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Your Year 11 Team are based in the Brighouse building


Mr Tom Stacey - tst@cheney.oxon.sch.uk


Ms Rachael Clear - rcl@cheney.oxon.sch.uk

Tutor team year 11

Lizzie Majethia (formerly Seller) - ESE@cheney.oxon.sch.uk
Claudia Figieredo & Alexa Cox -  CFI@cheney.oxon.sch.uk/ACO@cheney.oxon.sch.uk  
Gareth Richards & Dan McAteer- GRI@cheney.oxon.sch.uk/DMC@cheney.oxon.sch.uk
Rebecca Lynch & Jennifer Horn - BLY@cheney.oxon.sch.uk / JHO@cheney.oxon.sch.uk
Bryony Robinson - BRN@cheney.oxon.sch.uk
Kevin Routledge - KRO@cheney.oxon.sch.uk
Matthew Finch - FMA@cheney.oxon.sch.uk
Helen South - HSO@cheney.oxon.sch.uk