At the end of July 2021 we had the pleasure of running a short Summer School for Year 6 students who would be joining us as the new Year 7s in September.  They chose from 3 different kinds of activities:

  • Active (PE and outdoor activities)
  • Creative (crafts and cooking)
  • Inquisitive (museum and project learning, including a trip to the Ashmolean Museum and a walking tour of Oxford).

All students also received their choice of brand new reading book and enjoyed introductory Library sessions, a daily reading slot and the opportunity to enhance their Literacy and Numeracy skills through the activity strand they chose. Every day included a period of reflection when students completed a Reflection Booklet and each child was also provided with a healthy snack.

The Summer School ran for 7 days with the timings as follows:

  • Thursday 22 and Friday 23 July 9.30am-12.30pm -  two ‘training days’ for our older students and staff who were able to practise and prepare the activities they completed with the Year 6s the following week
  • Monday 26-Friday 30 July 2021 8.30am-1.00pm - the full Summer School for Year 6s)

In total 186 students attended at least one day of summer school (and most attended every single day) and they were supported by a team of teachers, teaching assistants and support staff.  The Summer School cost £43,708.74 which includes the cost of staffing, catering and materials.