Cheney Results 2019

I would like to take this opportunity to further celebrate our students' results in the summer 2019 exams, following the release of the national statistics.


The table below should give you a clear breakdown of how we did compared to national averages at GCSE:


Measure Cheney Result National Average How do we compare?
Progress 8 +0.14 0.00 Above National Average
Attainment 8 48.1 46.5

Above National Average

% of students entering the EBacc 51% 38.4%

Above National Average

Average EBacc average points score per pupil 4.33 4.05

Above National Average


  • Progress 8: Students' progress compared to the national average - on average, our students are making better progress than other students in England.
  • Attainment 8: Students attainment compared to the national average - on average, our students get better results than other students in England.
  • % students entering the EBacc: a higher proportion of our students were entered for the EBacc (English, mathematics, history or geography, two sciences and a language) than for other schools nationally.
  • Average EBacc average: the average grade for those taking EBacc subjects was higher than other students nationally.


In addition to the great GCSE results, we are also thrilled to be celebrating improvements in our A level outcomes. We have seen a 6% increase in A*-B grades and 3% increase in A-A* grades. These are fantastic results, especially in a year where it was reported that the number of students achieving the highest grades is at a 10-year low.


The table above paints a very positive picture - we are above national averages in all areas. This is thanks to our students’ focus, dedication and drive and the hard work of our staff to get the very best out of our students.


Thank you again for your continued support.


Kind Regards


Mr Moreton

Head of School