A Message from Year 11

This weekend Cheney was subject to awful racially-charged vandalism. We think that although the graffiti has already been removed, the wall will continue to be tainted by the memory of those symbols of hate.  So why not instead paint something in its place?

In a world of increasing divisions between races and cultures, we believe that a message of solidarity would show our determination to be respectful and inclusive, both as individuals and as a school. 

We propose that a competition be held in Cheney where students and teachers can put forward designs for a piece of artwork to be painted on the wall. The designs could be vetted by whomever would be appropriate, so as to ensure they represent an admirable and positive message, and then be put forward to vote by the school during tutor time. 

We would need to decide how to produce the mural. Perhaps a period outside of school hours could be designated to the projection of the artwork by volunteers or alternatively the Art Department take the opportunity to use it as an extended project, possibly during the last term of school.

As for funding the mural, we thought a bake sale could help to raise the money, and maybe we could ask for donations too. 

We believe that as much of the school should be involved as possible to show our unity and pride in the diverse world we live in. By letting all of Cheney submit ideas and vote, this could become a collective project that we as a school can look back on with satisfaction. 

We fear that if the wall is left blank, it will always be “That Wall”, haunted forever by the hatred represented in those symbols.