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We spoke to Mr Toner at school, the day after the marathon, to find out about his experience:

Is this the first time you have run the London marathon?
This is actually the second time I've ran the London Marathon, I last ran it in 2019 whilst at University, again for the British Heart Foundation.

What made you want to do it?

I ran to raise money for the British Heart Foundation in memory of my Nan who passed away in 2016 from an aortic dissection. It's a charity really close to my family and many others all around the country.

Were you happy with your time?

I finished with a time of 4 hours 36 minutes, and was really happy with this given my training had been disrupted by ankle and knee issues.

How was the experience?

It was a great day overall, the weather was hit and miss with on and off showers, however the enthusiasm and support from the crowds mean that you are encouraged the whole way. I managed to see all of my family and friends that I wanted to during mile 23 which gave me a big boost to get the last 3 miles done!

How are you feeling today and would you do it again?
My body isn't thanking me today and if you asked me right now I would say never again. That being said I think I said the same last time round and look how that worked out.