Don’t Panic!! 2018 exam results explained

Dear All,

The recent release of school league tables is unfortunately, for Cheney, an example of how statistics don’t tell the full story.  Because of the way that the government has decided to calculate results in 2018, they have discounted GCSE results that were awarded on the old A* to G grading system, in subjects for which the GCSE has been replaced by the new 9-1 qualification.   This means that the 2018 Y11 Cheney students, who sat four of the their GCSEs in Y10, did not have these results counted in the overall government figures as they were awarded under the previous A* to G grading system. Please click here to see a letter sent out by the school in the autumn explaining this in more detail.  

The bottom line is that press reports that Cheney is one of the worst performing schools in the country are simply incorrect.  As detailed in the letter above, taking into account the qualifications which were not included in the official figures, Cheney has a progress 8 score of 0 (meaning in line with national average), progress scores for English and Maths above national average, and progress scores for EBacc significantly above the national average.  

The results awarded to last year’s Year 11 students still count for them and are accepted by sixth forms, colleges and universities. Many students have stayed on at Cheney for A-Level and BTEC studies or have gone to other local schools and colleges to continue their education and training.

The school’s current projections for our 2019 Year 11 cohort for the five main measures that appear on are:

  • Progress 8: +0.16 (above national average of 0)
  • Attainment 8: 47.4 (above the national average of 44.5)
  • Grade 5 or above in both English and Mathematics GCSE: 47.6% (significantly above the national average of 40.2%)
  • EBacc (entered): 49.6% (significantly above the national average of 35.2%)
  • EBacc average point score: 4.30 (above the national average of 3.85)

So in all areas we are expecting to achieve above or significantly above the national average.

We are also very pleased with current trends at Sixth Form.  For 2019, 6% of our Year 13 students have been offered places at Oxbridge, compared with less than 2% nationally.  60% of Cheney Students interviewed at Oxbridge colleges have received offers of places, by comparison with 20% nationally.  In addition to this, we are currently projecting that our average point score for students at A-level will be noticeably higher than the Oxfordshire average for state-funded schools.

If you would like more information please have a look at these sites:

If you would like to discuss any concerns about these misleading and incorrect reports and calculations please do get in touch with me.

Kind Regards

Mr Moreton

Head of School