Our new Parent Portal

The parent portal will give you access to a range of information about your child(ren) and allows you to see:

  • An overview and breakdown of their attendance.
  • Their weekly timetable and what lesson they are in at any point during the day.
  • Their achievement points (called Cheney Attributes) and any detentions they have. You will also be able to view a log of any behaviour incidents after the Easter Holiday.
  • Reports – rather than relying on students bringing home a paper copy. This will be live from April 2019 – after the Easter holiday.

You will also be able to update:

  • Your personal records – letting us know about changes to address/phone number/email.
  • Some of your child’s records –  letting us know of any new or changed medical conditions and dietary requirements.

The aim of the new parent portal is to give you a clearer and more detailed view of your child’s school life and to ensure you are as engaged and up-to-date as you would like to be. We have linked two User Guides below to support you and you will receive instructions for creating your account today by email.
Parent’s Guide to Using Parent Portal

‘Parent Portal as a parent’ resource