22 May 2023

Important Update: Last Day of Term and Final Exam Information

I am writing to provide you with some important information regarding the last day of term and the upcoming final exams for our students.

As you may already know, the final exam date for all students has been scheduled for the 21st of June. However, it is crucial to note that while some students will have their final exams on that day, others may have their last exam scheduled sooner. Therefore, students need to check their individual timetables to confirm the exact date of their final exam. We kindly request that your child check their timetable promptly to avoid confusion or missed exams.

Furthermore, until after half-term, all students are expected to attend all lessons and Booster sessions. 

However, after half-term break, if students have completed all exams for the subject being taught in their period 5 lesson they can go home at 1.30 that day. 

Once students have completed their final exam, they no longer need to attend school. However, please remember they must keep Wednesday, 28th June, free, as this is the Exams Contingency Day. This day is used to sit papers that have had to be moved or cancelled at the last minute. Finally, your child will remain on roll until the date set by the government as the official school leaving date. This year this is Friday, 30th June 2023. 

11 May 2023

Year 11 Exam Booster Sessions

Before exams, teachers will be organising Exam Booster Sessions. The Exam Booster course is an intensive programme specifically geared towards focusing our students, both mentally and technically, so that they may deliver their best performance on the day of their Associated Board exam. The Exam Boosters sessions are on the day before the exam or on the day and are a valuable opportunity for students to gain some last-minute confidence and advice before their exam. Attached is a copy of the initial booster session plan for all subjects. Further details are on the school exams board outside the Library and Year office.

Booster Session Timetable

31 March 2023

Pre-Easter letter from Mr Olubodun

I wanted to share some information about exam preparation before we finish for the Spring break. 

Easter Revision 

These are invitation only. Only students who have been invited should attend and if you have any questions please contact the Year 11 office. 

Pre-exam booster sessions

Students will be told in their assembly on Friday that there will be subject booster sessions put in place before each exam where it is possible to do so. These are a valuable opportunity for students to gain some last-minute confidence and advice for their exam. 


Tutor time, after school and Mannings online interventions will continue next term. Please encourage your child to attend any interventions to which they have been invited. Some Mannings sessions will start during half term, and if invited your child should already know about this. You and your child will be sent joining instructions please look out for them.

Term 6 Period 5 lessons

GCSE exams continue for the first two and a half weeks of term 6. Students may leave school at the end of period 4 if they have completed all exams for any subject timetabled for period 5. If the lesson taking place during period 5 is for a subject that still has exams to come, students should remain in school and attend their normal lesson.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via email aol@cheneyschool.org

9 March 2023

Brain Food 

Dear Parents, Guardians and students, 

As a Head of Year 11, I am always giving students advice regarding the summer exams, such as remembering to create a revision timetable and managing revision time. However, within Cheney, my other role is as a Food and Nutrition teacher, and I believe the kind of food we eat is also important during exam preparation.

In the link (below) are some Top tips on how eating and drinking can improve brain power. 

#Brain Food

Remember that, as well as a healthy diet, aiming for eight hours of sleep and exercising helps to keep the brain sharp. Research suggests that regular exercise improves cognitive function, slows down the mental ageing process and helps us process information more effectively.

Revision Timetable over Easter

There are revision sessions planned for different subjects across the Easter holidays which will be by invitation only. Students who will be invited will be contacted over the next few weeks.

Mr Olubodun

HOSP Year 11

Food and Nutrition Teacher

23 February 2023

Dear parents and students, as I am sure you are aware, your child will have their Mock Exams for English, Maths and Science next week.  Mocks can be a tense and stressful time for your child (and you!).  It’s important to make sure your child is coping during the exam run-up and the mock week itself. Creating a supportive learning environment at home can ensure your child feels well-prepared and calm entering the mocks.

Here is a summary from the assembly today: 


  •     You are sitting two papers, one for Language and one for Literature.
  •     Paper 1 Language is Creative Reading and Writing.
  • Paper 1 Literature is ‘Macbeth’ then Jekyll & Hyde.

You can revise for Language this weekend by:

  • Reading a fiction book for 20 minutes, then explaining 3 language choices and 2 structural choices the writer makes. You should also write a completed short story using some Gothic ingredients. 

You can revise for Literature this weekend by:

  • Memorising your knowledge organisers in chunks.
  • Memorising your ten quotations from each text.


  • You are sitting three papers, one non-calc and two calc
  • Any topic could appear on any of the three papers, regardless of calc or non-calc, so be ready for anything.
  • Weekend revision could be:
    • Flashcards - quick recaps of topics
    • Group revision - quiz each other
    • Mathsgenie - watch videos or answer practice questions
    • Past papers - practice exam-style questions, timed
  • Check that you have functioning Maths equipment - NOT LAST MINUTE


Link to GoogleDrive with Revision Resources

Finally, while your child is revising, from time to time, it is important for them to be encouraged to take a break, away from their desk. By moving their body and temporarily resting their brain, the information is more likely to be remembered. Mocks are a good way to consolidate knowledge and identify any gaps, so we will be working with the students to get the most out of this process and to support their learning.

For further support, students can access the links below for the Subject-Specific Revision Guidance and revision techniques

Revision Guidance

Revision Techniques and Support