Year 9 motto - "Work hard, be kind and amazing things will happen"


Ms Becky Robson-

Telephone – 01865 759279


Mr Tom Haines-

Telephone - 01865 755256

The Year 9 Team are based upstairs in John Brookes.

Reporting Absence - Please note:  Year Teams are not able to record your child’s absence. In order to report your child as absent you must contact Attendance as early as possible using the online form at: Cheney School Student Absence, by emailing at: or by calling and leaving a message at: 01865 765726 - Option 1

YEAR 9 KEY DATES, 2021-2022

Tuesday 31 August and Wednesday 1 September: School closed for INSET

Friday 3 September: first day of school for Year 9 students

Thursday 23 September: Half day (to prepare for Y6 Open Evening)

Monday 1 November: School closed for INSET

Friday 3 December: School closed for Well-being Day

Monday 3 January: School closed for INSET

Friday 28 January: Year 9 HPV immunisations

Monday 28 February: School closed for INSET

Friday 18 March: Year 9 TDP/MenACWY immunisations

Thursday 5 May: Year 9 Parents' Evening

Thursday 19 May: Year 9 Options deadline

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Tutor team Year 9

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TU 3 Oliver Toner -

TU 4 Amanda Castello / Shane Clark - /

TU 5 Robert Muddle / Najada Myrto- /

TU 6 Kieran Mclean -

TU 7 Nicola Hilton/ Lizzie Majithia / Tonya Greenhill - / /

TU 8 Ben Taberer / Jon Barquilla / Pearl Rodgers-Hatch / Sarah-Jane Lockyer - / / /

TU 9 Amanda Falconer -

TU 10 Samantha Millard-

cheney book canon - year 9 choice

Northern Lights by Philp Pullman


Winner of the 1995 CILIP Carnegie Medal.

His ‘Dark Materials’, is the story of Lyra, a young girl with an exceptional destiny. Brought up in Jordan College, Oxford Lyra uncovers a secret about her mysterious guardian which leads to some dangerous questioning. It also marks the beginning of Lyra’s search for her friend Roger, a search that takes her to the ice kingdoms of the North where armoured bears rule. Lyra’s courage and stubborn determination lead her on this mission of incredible danger in this brilliant and imaginative story.

The author’s vivid imagination and vision is so spectacular and moving that it will leave you almost speechless with admiration and the amazingly diverse characters will be universally admired by all those who read about them. It’s completely original and totally spellbinding; a true classic that will stand the test of time much in the way Tolkien’s famous work has done.