The structure of our Pastoral Teams ensures our students attitude and outcomes at the heart of everything we do.  The Head of Student Progress and the Pastoral Leader work in partnership to support each year group, and move with that year group as they progress through the school.

The Head of Student Progress has overall responsibility students' academic outcomes and for improving the school’s provision for learning for all of their students. The Pastoral Leader is fully committed to the wellbeing of each and every student in their year. If any student needs support, their Pastoral Leader is there to listen, offer help and advice, try to resolve problems, or just offer a quiet space to think.

Reward and recognition are core aspects of the school and our year teams ensure students' successes and achievements are celebrated. Each team works closely together to ensure that the care of students promotes their achievement and well being.

Appointments during the school day

If your child has AN APPOINTMENT DURING THE SCHOOL DAY and needs to leave school, please notify their year team who will be able to give your child permission to leave school.

The year teams are usually not at their desks. Please email the member of staff you wish to get in touch with, and you will get a response within 24 hours. 


Andrew Olubodun  Head of Student Progress 

Ms Wickert

Sophie Wickert  Pastoral Leader

Year 8 Team

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Beth Hutson  Head of Student Progress

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Arabella Wilson  Pastoral Leader

Year 9 Team


Andy Ransome  Head of Student Progress

Miss Vicki Allsworth

Vicki Allsworth  Pastoral Leader

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Adi Kremnizer Head of Student Progress




Rachael Clear  Pastoral Leader

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Evie Higgins  Pastoral Assistant

Year 11 Team


Becky Robson  Head of Student Progress

Marie-Eve Whitehall

Marie-Eve Whitehall  Pastoral Leader