Welcome to Cheney School

The staff and students at Cheney School warmly welcome you to our Virtual Open Event.

A Message from Mr Pavey


We are a school: we will educate a new generation to view the world critically, make their own decisions, and act in a way that benefits the wider community, not just themselves. This is summed up in our motto:

“think for yourself, act for others”

Cheney is a genuinely comprehensive school, in the best sense of the term, with a fully inclusive intake, which represents not just our catchment area, but also modern Britain. The ideals of the comprehensive movement have been met in Cheney, in a way that is very rare.

We value creativity over conformity; education over league tables; the needs of students over data; self-discipline over sanctions; nuance over simplification; curiosity over acceptance; honesty over reassurance; the judgement of our community over the judgement of the official world. We value emotional intelligence equally to academic intelligence; well-being equally to success; self-knowledge to factual knowledge; humanity to rigour.

This is not to say that the things we value less are worthless; in their place, and in their time, quite the reverse. In fact, we believe that if we get the first things right, the second will follow.

Rob Pavey

I hope that these pages will help you discover what Cheney School can offer your child and what makes us unique. You can hear from past Year 7 students, take a virtual tour and listen to me answer some frequently asked questions. Our faculty and pastoral staff have made a series of short videos about their specialist areas, which you can access through the map below.

I hope  you enjoy your visit.

What our Year 7 students have to say 

Read and listen to Year 7 students as they share their thoughts and impressions of starting Cheney and give a few tips!

"Try your best. there are so many nice people at Cheney and you can make so many new friends"

"I like the library: they have lots of books and it's quiet, so you can read"

Find your way around with our whistle-stop virtual tour.

"You may not be with your friends from primary school in your classes but you can still make new friends."


"I like how different Cheney is to primary"


"The school may look big but after a week you will know where everything is"


Enjoy a photo-tour

Discover what happens where and get a sense of Cheney life with photos from our archive.

"Don't be scared to ask a teacher if you are lost."


"Put yourself out there and be the best version of yourself because it really pays off"


Learn about our Year 7 curriculum and how Cheney students are supported and cared for. Click on the map to find out where each faculty is located and follow the links to meet our faculty and pastoral care teams.

Map links not working for you? Don't miss out; go directly to our curriculum and pastoral pages to meet our staff and find out more.

Mr pavey answers frequently asked questions



You can also visit our  "Your Questions Answered" page.


Read our prospectus

The prospectus will give you a general over-view of the school. Please explore our curriculum and pastoral pages to meet our staff and find out more.

Explore what makes Cheney unique

Take a moment to explore some of what makes Cheney special.

If you have a query, or would like to contact the head of school, please email or telephone the school's main office on 01865 765726.